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Pets Are People Too

February is a hard month on pets. It can be very cold, snowy, wet, rainy, windy, icy and just plain nasty.

Pets that are caged, such as gerbils, hamsters, snakes, mice and rabbits, will need more water these days for, at this time of the year, the heat is on all day and night. Make sure that they are not placed too close to a heat source or too far away for comfort. Add fresh vegetables and fruits to their diets.

Change the bedding more often for if they are drinking increased amounts of liquid they will be wetting the bedding with greater frequency. Wet bedding is cold and not an ideal way to maintain your pet's comfort.

Dogs and cats want to go out, even for a short time, in the winter. Check on them at regular intervals and let them in at their request, or before, if you think it might be too cold.

Check paws for clumps of ice when they come in. If you live in the city, where salt is scattered on the sidewalks and roads, you might think about washing their paws or getting some booties for outside romps.

If you are planning to escape the winter climate you are going to need an alternate home for your pets.

Pets Are Inn is a great concept created to provide your pets with a home away from home.

While you loll on a beach your pets will be residing in a B&B for pets located in someone's home where they are safe, walked, cared for and catered to. Pets Are Inn provides a pick up service to deliver your pet to his/her destination and a service to return your pet when vacation time is over. This is a great idea for pet owners, pets and the surrogate families they stay with. Pets Are Inn is the "cat's meow" and the "dog's dinner" rolled into one.

No time to get the dog to a groomer and he's just rolled in something smelly? Does he/she cry when you leave him at a grooming establishment? Wag'n Tails mobile pet grooming services is the answer to your prayers. Wag'n Tails come to your driveway in their colourful, fully-equipped vans (including generator power and water supply) and wash, deodorize, clip, brush and comb your pet without any fuss or bother.

Pet Service is a 32 billion dollar industry.

Need we say more? Pets have to eat. The Pet Pantry delivers food, free of delivery charges, and at competitive prices right to your door. No storage problems, no running out, no heavy bags to lug and no late-night runs to an expensive convenience store.

Matching people and pets is Petland's purpose. Petland has been offering quality pets and pet supplies for over 30 years. They focus on tropical and marine fish, domestically-bred pet birds, small animals, reptiles, puppies and kittens and the food and accessories they need. Here you will be guided by professional pet counselors when making the right decision on a pet for your family with the hope that the match will last a lifetime.

Got a dog that loves to "taste" the mailman in the morning? Or, ties you up in knots at every telephone and light pole? Or, barks at every little noise day and night? Yes? Then you need Bark Busters right now!

Bark Busters is a training method that centers on teaching owners how to live with their canine companions. The training takes place in your home ensuring that both you and your canine friend are relaxed and "ready to learn". Training covers barking aggression, potty training, obedience and puppy training.

"Happy Dogs and Happy Families" is Bark Busters motto and they offer ample help for the "out of control" family with a nice dog.

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