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The American Advertising Federation recently announced the latest recipients of its 2004 ADDY Award which honors excellence in advertising and praises companies that raise the creative standards in the advertising industry. ADDY's are awarded on the national level as well as on the local level in 14 different regional competitions. One of the winning campaigns belonged to Planet Beach Franchising Corporation the company behind the global Planet Beach sunless-tanning franchises. Planet Beach is a rapidly growing tanning salon franchise that has grown to more than 450 (open and in-development) locations in Australia, Canada and the U.S. Planet Beach is the only tanning salon franchisor to have received an ADDY for its marketing program.


So, you want to get in shape but you don’t want to haul around a workout bag and spend three hours at the gym four days a week? Then, have we got a solution for you. 21 Minute Fitness and Weight Loss Centers require participants to pay attention to every detail of their workouts. In this way they will be able to reap the benefits of hours in the gym after working out for just 21 minutes a week! These intense workouts help gym-goers build lean muscle mass quickly and efficiently. 21 Minute Fitness and Weight Loss Centers are capitalizing on the latest trends in exercise, extra-slow training and express fitness. Because the exercises are slow and controlled participants can work out in their street clothes. This is good because the facilities don’t include showers or changing rooms. Locations are small and intimate (about the size of a Starbuck’s coffee shop) and there are no mirrors surrounding the equipment. The relaxing music piped through the exercise area encourages people to focus on what they’re doing in order to achieve the maximum benefit from careful, efficient movements. 21 Minute Fitness is brand new with it's flagship outlet opening last month in Walnut Creek, California.


Look out Curves, there is a new kid on the "Get Fit in 30 Minutes or Less" block and it’s exclusively for men. Cuts Fitness for Men provides a 30 minute full-body circuit training workout much like the model employed by the for-women-only Curves chain which seem to be popping up on very street corner in North America. Cuts offers a quick, easy and safe workout for executives, husbands, seniors and beginners of all ages. The exercise system uses smooth-motion hydraulic equipment and stretching and cardio moves to increase strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has 13 franchise locations currently operating. Another 24 are set to open soon. Cuts Fitness for Men is looking to expand throughout the U.S. and is interested in talking to potential franchisees.
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