Music Franchise Opportunities

Music, Maestro, Please!

In this segment of our newsletter, we'll take a look at how the world of franchising and the world of music interact. There are many types of businesses which involve music and some use franchising as their business model.

Music Instruction

Today, many people want music lessons and training for their children or themselves! The advantage of franchising such services is that name recognition can often attract clients.

The Ontario Conservatory Of Music has been training aspiring musicians since 1939 and has expanded, through franchising, for over 40 years. They can therefore offer their franchisees the advantages which come with a known, recognized and respected name. The Ontario Conservatory Of Music has 30 locations across southern Ontario in Canada.
Wendy's Music is an Australian company who currently have three franchised locations in that country but are actively seeking franchisees to further expand their operations. They offer music instruction, rent and sell instruments and provide music for churches.
Playtime Piano Corps recently began franchising after its owners, a husband-and-wife team of piano teachers, found there was a greater demand than they could comfortably handle themselves! Located in Baltimore, Maryland, their main area of expertise is teaching piano to children. They hope to expand throughout the U.S.
Record Sales

CD Warehouse, Inc. sells used CD's through a worldwide chain of franchised stores located across four continents. Although most cities have one or more dealers in used CD's, this chain has the advantage of name recognition. Even though much music today is exchanged over the Internet there is still a demand for used CD's, especially those no longer in print!

Kids' Juke Box franchisees operate kiosks in shopping centers or at portable locations which can be set up at special events. All they require is a current computer with a CD-RW drive ("CD burner") and the hardware to print and attach labels to them. Franchisees are supplied with copyrighted songs and software which enable the CD's they create to be personalized with children's names. This is something which sells well to many parents today!

Instrument Sales

Music Go Round franchisees sell musical instruments (both new and used) and offer musicians the opportunity to search all their locations for some specific instrument, amplifier or piece of musical gear. This is a definite advantage for all involved for musicians are often very particular about wanting a specific item! Music Go Round operates 41 locations across the U.S. and is known as the "Worlds Largest Used Musical Instrument Dealer."

Music services

Complete Music operates over 100 franchised locations across the U.S. and Canada. Its franchisees provide "deejay" services for special events such as weddings, parties and corporate functions. The firm trains its franchisees who then can (but are not obligated to) purchase equipment and recordings from the parent company. Since most companies of this type are local, one-person operations with small budgets for promotion (if any), Complete Music gives its franchisees a definite advantage when it comes to advertising and name recognition.

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