Men's fitness franchises

Masculine Muscle
Gentlemen, start pumping!

With the sedentary lifestyles we have today, our fingers are the only thing that get a good workout on a regular basis. What about the rest of us? You too can have improved abs, gluts, thighs, biceps and triceps and back muscles with a workout two or three times a week.

Extend your lifespan and look great living it with a trip to one of the franchises mentioned below. You'll look better, feel better and last longer if you start on a physical fitness program today.

Muscles are in ... flab is out! Go with the in crowd and get a new lease on life in 2004.

The Blitz
Strictly for men

The Blitz is the ultimate fitness location for men looking to work out in privacy and reach fitness goals through strength training, boxing and martial arts techniques Burning fat and building muscle
has helped hundreds of men recapture their vitality and health.
Check out this trend-setter. It could be for you!

The Boxing Club
An authentic experience

Members from all age groups and backgrounds enjoy boxing in this clean, safe and professional environment. Punch, kick, bob & weave your way into great shape in time to high-energy music intended to quicken reflexes and increase balance and grace. Self-motivation and stamina get the results you're looking for at The Boxing Club.

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