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Get Real in the World of Re-Do

"Nail-gunning 5,000 flowers to bathroom walls, arguments over painting a bedroom carpet bright orange, constructing particle-board storage systems and moving an actual chopped-up car into a child's bedroom..."

If you're anything like 9 million other cable viewers in North America, you'll recognize every one of those episodes from The Learning Channel's "Trading Spaces" program.

The premise is simple. Two sets of couples exchange homes for two days and, with the help of two designers and a carpenter, redecorate one room for less than $1,000. In the first week of October 2003, the "Trading Spaces $100 Grand" two-hour special pulled in 9.1 million people, a record number of viewers for TLC.

We're becoming a community of homebodies, constantly redecorating, rearranging and reconstructing the spaces we currently occupy. The rising popularity of shows like Trading Spaces, While You Were Out (also on TLC) and nearly every program on Home and Garden Television (HGTV), underscores our need to experiment with our surroundings and (hopefully) avoid any designer catastrophes. Even with "Do-It-Yourself" home-improvement warehouses at virtually every turn, the average homeowner could use some one-on-one help wading through paint chips, fabric swatches and crown moldings, not to mention flooring choices and window treatments.

"Homeowners have always desired beautiful surroundings," said James S. Bugg, Jr., president and CEO of INTERIORS by Decorating Den. "But, in the last two years, many of our clients have expressed an increased interest in designing their homes to reflect their own style and personality. Comfort is key."

That's where home-improvement franchises comes in. By their very nature, smaller home-improvement chains can provide customers with more focused, one-on-one assistance than can the more mammoth options. Several franchise systems specialize in one particular facet of home remodeling and decorating.

Franchisees in the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen system, for example, offer clients a variety of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services including cabinet refinishing, tub reglazing, tile, flooring and fixture replacement and painting.

V2K Window Fashions aims to remove some of the mystery and potentially painful mistakes incurred when a significant investment is made in window treatments. V2K Window Fashions' franchisees use the technology of virtual imaging to help their clients select window treatments and visualize the finished product using the latest offerings in graphic software.

The mobile franchisees of Carpet Network bring flooring and carpet samples right into the homeowner's living room (or kitchen, bathroom or den), allowing clients to match their new flooring options to their current furnishings. Carpet Network covers (and cleans and installs) window treatments as well.

There are also franchise systems that offer full-service decor consultation thus helping clients revamp their entire space without running "hither & yon".

INTERIORS by Decorating Den (IDD), headquartered in Montgomery, Maryland, is a franchise company of end-to-end in-home decor consultation and installation services. The company's franchisee-owned ColorVans are equipped with color samples, fabric swatches and a company-trained and certified interior designer.

Décor & You trains its franchisees to help their clients create living spaces that are personal, functional and comfortable. Décor & You's franchisees maintain the same degree of professional service regardless of whether they are helping clients select accent pillows or helping them recreate an entire room.

From installing blinds, to matching hardwood flooring with existing furniture, to working one-on-one with a designer on a refreshing look for an entire room, home décor franchises provide clients with an easily accessible and affordable decorating option. The desire for value, quality and service are not temporary fads, but long-term trends. If you have a passion for interior decorating and a desire to start your own business, 2004 is a great time to explore franchising options in the home decor industry. Today's home improvement market is an expansive venue in which many budding designers can carve their niche and find success. Home décor franchising provides an excellent opportunity for people with a flair for design and a desire to run their own design business.

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