Why Weight?
Total Fitness
Franchise Information

Own a Women's Only
Fitness/Nutrition Franchise

This is an incredible Package at an Incredible Price
Just *U.S. $28,500.00 for 2 Locations!

Open 1 Location Immediately or Open 2 At The Same Time!
The Total Franchise Fee For 2 Locations is U.S. $28,500.00

No Royalties for the First 3 Months!

Some of the advantages to owning Why Weight? Women's Total Fitness Franchise are the following.

  • A Superb Executive Support Team
  • A Sports Medicine Doctor (M.D.)
  • Registered Dietitians On Staff
  • National Fitness Experts To Train You
  • A Professional Real Estate Locating Team
  • The #1 U.S.A. Manufactured, 16 Piece Equipment Set
  • Advertising & Marketing Support for a Quick Start
  • Comprehensive Training at Corporate Headquarters
  • All Management Software, Manuals and Tools

Our unparalleled nutritional program provides your members with the following.

  • A Customized Dietary Program
  • A Quick Reference Guide
  • An Analysis of all Supplements Recommended
  • E-Nutrition Information From In-House Certified Nutritionists
  No Experience is Necessary!
    We offer "Comprehensive Fast Track Training"

If you are serious about exploring a franchise in the women's only fitness industry don't miss this exciting special offer. There is no need to spend money on airfare and take 2 days out of your life to get answers to all of your questions. We're always pleased to meet you in person but we're also delighted to respond to any enquires when you call.

*This special offer is comprised of the franchise price and an exemption from royalty fees for the first six months after the franchisee commences operations. This is available only to new franchisees purchasing Why Weight? Women's Total Fitness Franchises. Why Weight Women's Total Fitness, Inc. reserves the right to remove this offer at any time.

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