Exercise promotes mental and physical well-being especially in the young.

Today's child is at risk of becoming overweight owing to lack of exercise, the popularity and accessibility of junk food, sedentary television viewing and the fascination of playing computer games.

Busy parents, over-worked educators and under-funded school games programs are failing our children by not instilling in them the basics of good nutrition and the benefits of proper exercise.

Enter Stretch-n-Grow

In January of l992, in Galveston Texas, Jill and Bob Manly came up with the concept of introducing weekly, nutritional guidance and exercise sessions to pre-schoolers.

By September of that year they were operating in 11 schools with classes of approximately l7 students in each class and earning $750 a week.

The demand for the Stretch-n-Grow Kids Fitness Program grew. Jill and Bob had created a full-time career for themselves by helping children become physically fit with stimulating and creative exercise and nutritionally savvy with their good food choice guide.

They never looked back. Within 12 months they were franchised in 25 U.S. markets with thousands of students profiting from the Stretch-n-Grow Kids Fitness program. There are now hundreds of thousands of Stretch-n-Grow Kids in eight countries!

Kids Need Stretch-n-Grow

Stretch-N-Grow provides healthy mental and strong physical foundations with exciting, fun, exercise sessions and good nutrition classes which stimulate creativity in planning healthy, balanced meals. These are things that the children will carry with them throughout their lives

Parents and Caregivers need

Stretch-n-Grow provides pertinent information on exercise, nutrition and related issues to families and caregivers allowing them to keep up-to-date with the latest data. This also gives them an opportunity to encourage and participate in their children's Stretch-n-Grow program thus bringing good nutrition and fitness into the home where everyone will benefit from its teachings.

You need a Stretch-n-Grow Kids Fitness Franchise

Today is the day to get involved with the future of our children. There is no better investment, or one that will create a more positive impact, than a Stretch-n-Grow Kids Fitness Franchise.

You'll receive comprehensive training and constant support for your in-home or turn-key business from a franchisor whose mission is to build a strong, profitable company that operates with integrity and dedication to the Stretch-n-Grow franchise network and the families it serves.

That franchisor is Stretch-n-Grow, whose concept was born from the desire to help our children enjoy better lives, all their lives.

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