What is one of the most popular parts of your daily paper? The sports section!

Suppose you could see yourself on a sports card or on the cover of a sports magazine or other similar venues? Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Think how much more thrilling it would be if you were a youngster!

Creating these opportunities is our business and it can be your business too as a Sports Section franchisee! TSS (The Sports Section) is the nation's leader in youth and sports photography and regularly works with associations like the YMCA, the Babe Ruth League and the Police Athletic League.

WHAT DOES TSS (The Sport Section) DO?

We operate a photo lab equipped to reproduce pictures on sports cards, plaques, posters, fabric throws and other memorabilia. We can put a youngster's picture, or a picture of his or her team or association, on any of our authentic-looking products. These can be donated or sold to team or league members or, alternatively, raffled off to raise money for any projects the group may undertake (charitable or otherwise). Given the prominence of sports in today's world, items like these are guaranteed big sellers!


If you become one of our franchisees your task will be to locate clients. These can be found in amateur sports groups (such as young people's leagues); school athletic departments and industrial or other semi-pro leagues as well as through individual athletes and other persons or groups you think would be interested. Having done so, you will arrange the photography (remember, you can hire photographers for that project) and then send the pictures to us for processing. These pictures can then be placed on any of our large list of products.


Consider the importance of sports today! Our TV schedules, and the sports pages of our newspapers, are filled with news about "big games" or star athletes. A substantial portion of our children (and many adults) are aspiring athletes hoping someday to join the "elite" they see mentioned in this media. Decades ago a "ball game" was an impromptu affair which occurred whenever enough players had gathered at a vacant lot to assemble two teams. Today it is more likely to be part of an organized league with statistics kept and awards given. Once these awards were cheap trophies to be displayed for a few years and then given to the thrift shop. Now, technology lets us reproduce fancy items just like the pros enjoy. Needless to say such items are popular among athletes young and old!


We have four different levels of franchises available (some only in certain types of territories). These run from $30,900 for a Level 1 franchise to $10,900 for a Level 4 franchise. Which one you select will depend on where you wish to do

business and how much time you plan to spend in running your operation. You may also need to purchase some equipment and, if you have no appropriate equipment on hand, we estimate the cost will be around $4,200. Remember that you owe no royalties on your income!


We will provide you with intensive training over a three-day period when you first open for business. We will also work with you to identify and market to potential clients. Seminars and conferences for our franchisees are offered on a regular basis and, should you so desire, you can hire a talented photographic staff as needed. You do not require a studio or business location. All photography will be done at the client's site and you can run your operation from home!


We will provide you with state-of-the-art brochures, posters, flyers and other promo material. As well we have a web site which your clients can view.


Sports is a business, a BIG business, in the 21st century. Why not become part of that business with a TSS franchise? A TSS franchise requires only a low initial investment and you need pay NO royalties! We'll help with your setup and staffing, train you and provide promotion through our web site. Don't miss this great opportunity!

To receive a more detailed account of what this exciting opportunity has to offer please complete the Express Request Form below.

Thanks for your interest!

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