The PostNet Concept, Customers & Locations

PostNet offers an array of high demand services and products tailored to meet the needs of small business owners and today's busy residential consumer. PostNet helps the small office, home office and small business owners get what they need, when they need it, and where they need it. This customer segment is mainly serviced in business centers, hotel lobbies, convention centers and airports. At the same time PostNet caters to the general consumer offering a host of products and services to help them complete their personal business, copy and shipping needs quickly and efficiently in neighborhood, strip mall and convenience store areas.

50 percent of a PostNet store's revenue is business related, a core differentiating factor from local competitors. The benefit is simple. Close customer relations, where ongoing needs and opportunity for repeat business exist, creates franchisee peace of mind and an organized working environment.

Market Development Opportunity

The Canadian franchise lead flow for PostNet has been similar to trends in the U.S. over the years and brand recognition has steadily increased due to strong network growth along the U.S./Canada border. PostNet anticipates a fast spurt in franchise network development in Canada which will be greatly assisted by the U.S. headquarters in terms of franchisee training, tools and resources.

Master Franchise Training

A master franchisee will be trained for two to four weeks at headquarters. A pilot store will then be opened with headquarter assistance in terms of site selection, lease, store design and construction. This store will serve as an ongoing test location and training facility and will be closely monitored and analyzed in a joint effort to ensure ongoing improvements and the implementation of products and concepts needed by customers in an ever changing business environment. A great deal of planning goes into a market launch and this is achieved through close cooperation with the head office. Regular in-country master franchise consulting follows thereafter. PostNet is fully engaged in the entire start up phase providing years of expertise, technological tools and resources. During the course of the training program the master franchisee not only benefits from 20 years of expertise from the U.S. headquarters but also a combined 40 years of master franchise experience from around the world.

Training modules on virtually every aspect of the PostNet business are available at the PostNet Online University and Franchisee Web.

Master franchisees from around the globe meet on an annual basis at the PostNet convention to discuss new developments and strategize for the future. Special seminars and workshops are also available at these meetings to provide training on new tools and requirements.

Training & Support

  • 3-4 Weeks Master Franchise Training
  • Business Planning
  • Localization to Canadian Market
  • Store Design
  • In-Country Visits
  • Vendor Relations & Contact Negotiations
  • Franchise Support Team Training
  • Franchise Development
  • Franchise Leads
  • Franchise Shows

Master Franchise Support

PostNet provides master franchisees not only with exceptional start-up consulting and assistance but also ongoing support in the following areas.

  • Point of Sale Technology
  • Website
  • Localization
  • Master Franchise Team Training
  • Site Selection
  • Store Design
  • Franchise Support Tools & Resources
  • Franchise Development
  • Conventions & Expos
  • In-country visits (Senior Executives & Founders)

PostNet is currently only processing Master Franchise Applications.

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