PosiGrip® is a unique franchise which gives franchisees a firm footing in an uncontested and lucrative market.

PosiGrip® is possibly the only franchise that is an absolute necessity for every home and all public and private institutions, restaurants, offices, churches, government buildings, community centers and wherever people gather across America. As well, PosiGrip® is possibly the only franchise which has virtually no competition in the marketplace

Posigrip® eliminates the possibility of slipping and falling on wet floors by increasing the coefficient of friction on hard surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glazed brick, marble, polished stone, concrete, and porcelain and enamel bathtubs and showers.

PosiGrip® does not discolor or change the appearance of any surface and is covered by a two-year warranty on floors and is guaranteed for the life of a shower or tub.

PosiGrip® is the answer to the problem of the over nine million disabling accidents which involve slips and falls on wet floors in America each year. The human suffering, owing to these accidents, is reflected in the 95 million lost workdays per annum and the loss of $3.5 million per hour every day. Accidents are costly. They involve workman’s compensation, liability insurance and legal fees. Costs escalate.

Productivity and worker morale drop. "Slip and fall" accidents put you in a no-win situation.

PosiGrip®, with one simple application, puts employees, clients, customers and homeowners on a safe, firm footing when availing themselves of the services of a business establishment or welcoming visitors into a non-slip domestic environment.

A PosiGrip® franchisee is the owner of a very profitable, turnkey, home-based business which has no competition. The franchise package includes national advertising, a complete marketing program and excludes franchise or royalty fees.

In the United States, as a PosiGrip® operator, you can offer your customers a federal tax credit just for using your services and they will receive a two-year guarantee.

Get your feet firmly planted on the ground floor and mount the steps to success safely with a PosiGrip® franchise.

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