Everybody loves a great party!

That's why Party America is doing so well

Party America is one of the largest retailers of party supplies and seasonal holiday goods in the U.S. The company was first established in 1980. Upon the recent acquisition (in August of 2003) of a competitor, however, they almost tripled in size and significantly widened their geographic range. Party America now boasts over 120 stores in over 21 states and is planning to continue expanding both within and outside of the country. This type of growth benefits their customer base and offers an opportunity for as many as 430 franchisees.

Party America divides its merchandise into two categories. The first includes items related to everyday events such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings (which can occur at any time of the year) and features decorations, cards, invitations and other supplies. These comprise about 80% of a store's overall stock. The second category addresses items for seasonal events including Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and the like.

Party America's goal is to deliver a wide selection of party and holiday supplies at a great price to a multitude of happy customers. To do this they seek out high traffic locations for their stores and hire knowledgeable & people-friendly staff to service their customers. Potential customers who live too far from one of Party America's stores can always take advantage of on-line shopping.

Party America is planning to allocate at least half or more of its locations to franchisees. They are actively seeking entrepreneurs as potential franchisees to share their enthusiasm and desire to keep customers happy. An initial investment will be in the range of $225,000 to $400,000 and franchise start-up fees will comprise $25,000 of that amount. Party America expects a new franchisee to have at least $150,000 in verifiable liquid assets. A royalty fee of 4% of sales is payable to Party America. A minimum of 4% of sales should be directed towards advertising. Party America provides specific layouts for all stores, helps in finding a location, assists in the promotion of the new locations, conducts on-going training and offers advice as regards to staffing. Party America will also help get the initial stock in place (and ready for the grand opening)!

Party America would like to have you on board, as a customer and possibly as a franchisee. Party America is looking for men and women who love to please people in general and customers in particular!

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