Big corporations invest huge amounts of money when they establish shipping departments in their operations. In this way they hope to save significant dollars in their shipping expenses and seek to hire experts to find the cheapest, fastest and most efficient way to get documents and merchandise from "Point A" to "Point B". This also ensures that their shipments will be properly packaged and that all the necessary paperwork will be completed. Because these companies ship on a large scale the efficiencies they realize validate this approach and pay off in the long run.

As a small business or a private individual, however, you do not have the same volume of items to be shipped. This means that you cannot afford to have a full-time shipping department or even a single expert for that matter.

Parcel Plus is your alternative. This fast-growing company can serve as a shipping department for any size of client, accomodating everything from a single parcel

to a truckload of cargo. Parcel Plus knows the best way to meet your shipping needs whatever these might be. Whether it is vital to get a single item across the continent within 24 hours, or it's a question of cost efficiency in delivering 10,000 items to hundreds of customers, they have the answers at their fingertips. That means that you, as their client, do as well!
If you need to transport a valuable antique, a bulky item which requires specialized crating, fragile goods needing extra careful packing, a parcel bound for a distant country with specialized documents attached, something for which super-prompt delivery is of the essence or just an extremely large amount of cargo, Parcel Plus can get the job done. They deal with well known shippers like UPS,
FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service as well as a number of common carriers. It is Parcel Plus' job to find the most cost-efficient way to meet all shipping needs from packing to pickup, transport and delivery. Parcel Plus also offers other business services including faxing, copying, and mailbox rental. In turn they provide packing, mailing and general office supplies!

Parcel Plus can also help if you are considering a career in franchising.

The full range of business services they offer means that those services are in demand. This is the reason they plan to expand beyond their current size of 100 locations. To do this Parcel Plus needs to attract additional franchisees and that means opportunities for a vast number of entrepreneurs. They offer training, extensive assistance and consultation, financial help if needed, large-scale promotion and much more to successful applicants.

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