Oxford Learning, Skills for Success, Lessons for Life.

Knowledge is the key to nearly everything.

Oxford Learning Centres can help obtain that key and open the lock to a world of understanding.

At Oxford Learning Centres, personalized tutoring enables children to assimilate knowledge and understand how to implement what they have learned as they progress in their education.

This understanding of the knowledge they have been taught provides them with a vastly improved chance of being accepted by the prestigious schools to which their parents have made applications.

Since the mid l980s', a team of educational experts based in London, Ontario, Canada, have tutored students with their specially-designed program geared to improve the success of students and enable them to take advantage of the best opportunities available.

The program was intended to:

  • Help children achieve their highest potential
  • Encourage independence and imagination
  • Foster a striving for excellence
  • Awaken a spirit of confidence and enthusiasm
  • Teach the child to celebrate achievement.

Their goals were achieved by the creation of materials and curricula which engendered in children the desire to learn, to achieve and excel.

The idea was so successful they set up an operation which provided for a wider distribution of this winning formula through franchises. The concept spread across North America and then to other continents.

The Oxford Learning Centre program is based on the latest developments in cognitive psychology and addresses motivation, self-esteem and knowledge.

You have the opportunity to become an Oxford Learning franchisee today. You will be offering a program with an excellent reputation and one that is in great demand.
The Oxford Learning program offers ready solutions for serious learning problems. Whether these problems arise from distractions at school, personal doubts, low self-esteem and/or family problems, Oxford Learning will work with the child to instill a desire to learn in spite of all, or any, of these learning blocks. They will discover learning is liberating and learn to love it for itself.

The Oxford Learning franchise fee is $39,500 and other start-up costs are approximately $60,000 to $126,000. We recommend that our franchisees have approximately $125,100 to $215,000 available to open their franchise. Our franchisees pay a royalty fee of 10% of gross sales income monthly and an additional "Ad Fund Fee" which will be used for the promotion of their business and its location.

We provide you with the following.

  • Site selection
  • Help with the actual real estate leasing transaction
  • Assistance in obtaining financing
  • Two weeks of extensive training on operating your franchise
  • On-going assistance throughout the life of your franchise

Oxford Learning Centres are only a phone call away!

The unique Oxford Learning approach proves to parents, who are looking for a lifelong solution to their children's needs, the wisdom of enrolling their progeny in the successful Oxford Learning family. At Oxford Learning we want your children to succeed and we have the program proven to make success happen. We are not a "quick fix". This is a program which children will implement every day for the rest of their lives.

It is a reasonable and reasoned conclusion that Oxford Learning Centres allow children to do better in life than did their parents. The creation of a more comprehensive learning experience for children is thereby in high demand. This is the Oxford Learning program's raison d'etre; we teach children not only what to learn but how to learn, how to grow into the learning experience and how to live that knowledge in their daily lives.

An Oxford Learning franchisee truly brings to his/her community the wonder of knowledge which is the essence of life.


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