Mad Science Group®

You can be a Mad Science Group® franchisee who entertains and educates children by involving them in experiments designed to introduce, explain and demonstrate the science behind the wonders of the world in which they live.

You will teach eager minds that the word "barometer" derives from the Greek words "baros" (meaning "weight") and "metron" (meaning "measure") while together you make a Big Bottle Barometer to predict the weather.

The great thing is that children aged 3 -12 can learn cool, scientific stuff through the amazing, fun and informative edu-training activities of the Mad Science Group®.

Mad Science Group® activities instruct with inter-active, hands-on, scientific experiences at pre-school workshops and in-school and after-school activities. These activities are geared towards answering questions and conducting experiments that get kids involved and excited about learning and proving how the world around them works.

A Mad Science Group® activity will prove infinitely more interesting than all other entertainment options at workshops, birthday parties, special occasions, community group events, fairs, malls, movie theatres and Girl Guide and Boy Scout meetings and camps. Everywhere that children gather is the place for a Mad Science Group® activity.

All groups learn about Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Physical Sciences. Topics range from the "World of Worms" for pre-schoolers to the "Black and Blue Oceans" for those in grades 3 to 6.

There are lots of cool, kid-captivating and fascinating topics like "How Your Blood Flows" and "How Your Food Digests"

and thought-provoking questions such as "Who gave us Morse code?" and "What Makes Metal Magnetic?" are often posed.

For kindergarten to grade two the Earth and Space Sciences feature real fossil casts, the mini excavation of a dinosaur and the making of a real dinosaur tooth to take home.

Grades 3 to 6 participants explore and build models of ecosystems and learn how human beings impact on them. Why you should be tobacco-free is covered and, in "Turn Up The Volume", kids will explore the concept of volume as it measured using the metric system. All great stuff!

The Mad Science Group® is the brainchild of two brothers, Ariel and Ron Schlien, who as children conducted science experiments for their amusement and the amazement of their friends. After Ariel brought his helium neon laser to a Montreal YMCA to be the grand finale to a science and technology course (where it was an unqualified hit) they both realized that their life hobby (science) could prove to be employment for a lifetime.

In l994, and thousands of happy, better informed children later, The Mad Science Group® decided to become a franchise operation. Today l45 franchisees open millions of children's eyes to the wonders of science around the globe.

A Mad Science Group® franchisee trains teams of instructors in scientific showmanship and develops mad experiment conductors who love to enthrall and enchant their eager audiences while teaching invaluable lessons. More importantly, they are teachers who respect their craft, their audiences and themselves.

If this describes you then we suggest you join the Mad Science Group® who bring mystery, wonder and a love of learning into the lives of children. Become a wizard and awaken the universe of possibilities within children as they explore the possibilities of the universe without.

Soon the popularity of Mad Science Group® will be reaching a world of young Saturday morning television watchers. MGM and Mad Science Group ® are in negotiations to produce programs which should be ready for the fall of 2004.

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