Kwik Kopy® Business Center

In 1967 Bud Hadfield, the owner and operator of a small letterpress printing facility, learned about a method of copying and printing that made it possible for his clients to get as many replications as they desired of a document they had created themselves. Seeing the
future of instant printing he not only converted his operation to this then new method but also started franchising the formula to others under the Kwik Kopy name. Today his instant printing franchises have made Kwik Kopy a household name!

Many years later Bud realized that the needs of businesses often extended beyond
simple printing and copying. If a business required a promotional document they might also need to know how to place that document in the hands of potential clients or, alternatively, even how to design the document for maximum impact! As well, they might wish to ship items (singly or in bulk) or fax documents to their clients. Understanding how much simpler it would be if clients could have all of their needs taken care of with a single visit to one familiar location, he launched Kwik Kopy Business Center.
Kwik Kopy Business Center offers the same instant printing services that Kwik Kopy has been known for, for almost four decades. They also offer, however, much
more! With a visit to one of their locations you (as a client) can have a document printed in quantity and receive professional advice on what that document should look like to best accomplish its purpose. You can arrange the shipment of your goods (either singly or in large quantities), send faxes and have documents notarized all with one short visit to a single location! No more going from "A to B to C" to take care of three related tasks!

As a Kwik Kopy Business Center franchisee you will have an opportunity to operate a small business and will quickly discover how significant the advantage is of having all of a client's business needs met with a single visit.

Kwik Kopy Business Center can truly be your gateway to opportunity!

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