Those who keep up with current events are probably aware of the increasing prominence of golf in everyday life and those who follow business events know that travel is a trillion-dollar industry. It is only common sense, therefore, that anything that combines the two has to be a success!


That is precisely why GolfAhoy Golf Travel Bureau is a growing operation!

GolfAhoy Golf Travel Bureau is a subsidiary operation of Caribbean Cruise Lines, Ltd., a Canadian firm that has been offering golfing-based cruises since 1988. These cruises allow golfers to enjoy the experience of an ocean excursion and all its activities and amenities as well as play a round of golf at a variety of courses en route. Greens fees, golf cart rentals and the like are all prearranged and included in the price of the cruise. Golfers only have to unpack once and non-golfing partners or family members can enjoy all of the excitement of daily cruise living as they participate in shipboard activities. Is it any wonder that the GolfAhoy golf travel vacation business is growing?

A few years ago GolfAhoy Golf Travel Bureau elected to offer franchises. Franchisees can purchase a kiosk from GolfAhoy that is ready to be placed in an advantageous location and opened immediately for business. These kiosks can be put in shopping malls, in golf "pro shops", at country clubs or in other similar venues where golfers congregate. A storefront location for this type of business could cost

between $150,000 to $500,000 (or even more) so a GolfAhoy kiosk represents a substantial saving! As well, Golf Ahoy franchisees can operate their business from home. The franchise fee in the first case is $31,000 and the fee for the home-based operation is $19,100.

Note that the franchisee has no royalties to pay. Like any travel agent he or she will be paid a commission on sales made at the location. This type of cruise is a hot seller in the affluent world of golfing and figures show that there is an 87% chance of clients rebooking. After all, a chance to play a new course each day in exotic foreign locations, while enjoying the luxuries of a cruise, is a golfer's dream.

GolfAhoy Golf Travel Bureau was named the "No. 1 Home-Based Sports Business Franchise" in North America at the International Franchise Expo. As a new GolfAhoy franchisee you will receive full training, continued support and advice from the company, an exclusive territory in which to market this exciting product and, if you match the usual sales figures (remember, there are an estimated 27 million avid golfers in the U.S. alone), a six-figure annual income. You can even enjoy the cruises you're selling at a substantial discount!

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Thanks for your interest!

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