We provide technology education.™

In today's world some computer skills are all but mandatory in most workplaces and, in fact, impact on every area of day-to-day life! Twenty years ago the home computer was all but unknown, an expensive oddity present in less than 1% of households and utilized in very few businesses. Today, however, over 50% of households, and virtually all businesses, own and use at least one computer. This makes some degree of computer literacy an absolute requirement for virtually any type of employment and a definite advantage in higher education. If these trends continue, today's pre-schoolers will grow up to face a totally computerized world and the ability to use computers will be on a par with that of today's print literacy.

Parents are aware of this and ready to tackle the problem. They want their children to have every possible advantage in their future lives and one way they can accomplish this is to make sure that these youngsters get an early start in developing familiarity with computers. Children are always willing to learn new things. This is simply a part of growing up.

® pioneered the idea of teaching very small children how to use computers in a fun way rather than as a task. This is what has made them so successful and in 2003 they were selected by Success Magazine as the most promising franchisor of the year. In addition, the company has received praise from educational authorities and recognition and awards from business journals.
COMPUTERTOTS® does not, however, concentrate exclusively on the younger generation. They also promote the COMPUTER EXPLORERS® program which is designed to continue on where COMPUTERTOTS® left off. The same "tried and true" approach, so successful in COMPUTERTOTS®, is available to older children.

One can acquire a homebased COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS® franchise for a relatively small investment. Other inherent start-up costs are also very low and as a new franchisee you can be "up and running" for less than $25,000 total.

This is truly an enterprising entrepreneur's "admission ticket" to a franchise industry which has nowhere to "go and grow" but up! New franchisees will receive two weeks of comprehensive training in education and also in every aspect of running their business.

So, if you love children and enjoy working with them or know how to find a staff that does, this may be your golden opportunity.

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