“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, ” Steve Frazee sang as he climbed the branches of a 60-foot

pine tree. Not for the thrill of it, however, for this is his job.

Steve works for B&T Lawncare Inc. of Terre Haute, a lawn care and landscaping company (in warmer months) who don their Christmas Elf hats as the Christmas Season approaches.

Christmas Décor was developed out of the need to fill an off-season void and provide year round employment for seasonal businesses. Christmas lighting was a service people really wanted to buy and were therefore willing to pay top dollar to receive.

Christmas Décor provides a “gift of lights” to over 100 Ronald McDonald House

Charities locations throughout North America and have worked with McDonalds
and RMHC to develop a variety of national fund raising campaigns.

Christmas Décor specializes in the sales and installation of quality outdoor lights as well as the installation of lights .

owned by the customer. Franchisees are trained in the intricacies of safely installing lights and decorations.

Christmas Décor is based in Lubbock, Texas and have about 350 locations in 47 states and throughout Canada. They have grown by over 500% in only 5 years because the concept allows three things most important to growing a business.


    (1) Keeping Key Personnel
    (2) A Growing Customer Base
    (3) Good Cash Flow


Christmas Décor is a great add-on source of income for such seasonal businesses as lawn care providers, nurseries, irrigation farms, pest control operators, roofing companies, construction companies, fence builders, pool services, florists, home service and handyman trades.

Christmas Décor allows a businessperson to keep staff employed all year round, offset fixed overhead, utilize vehicles and assets 12 months of the year, cross sell to existing customers, expand an existing customer base, offer a higher margin service and reduce unemployment rates.

As a Christmas Décor franchisee you will receive operation manuals, instruction videos, product and uniforms, a quick start marketing guide and ongoing training.

Christmas Décor is committed to providing continued support to its franchises in seeking out high quality, low cost vendors and bringing good people together,

building an organization that has emerged as the leader in its field. They endeavor to provide their customers with enhanced value through professional service, reliability and the use of high quality products. They are committed to community support through both personal and corporate involvement.

So, if you own a seasonal business and would like to stay busy during the Christmas Season, don your elf hat and give them a call today!

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