And , as they grow, they OUTgrow a lot of things including clothing, furniture, playthings, school items and the like! Wise parents, however, already have the answer to this dilemma. They know outgrown items can be brought to a Children's Orchard location, sold, and the proceeds applied to gently-used replacements purchased at well below original prices.

Children's Orchard are the leaders in the booming children's resale business. Their retail operations, from boutiques to large stores, offer a full line of gently -used and new merchandise at over 90 locations across the United States where the emphasis is on quality and customer service.


Children's Orchard originated in 1980 when Karen Lynch launched a business which would pioneer the idea of selling gently-used, quality, often outgrown children's goods such as clothing, furniture, toys and the like. When her idea proved successful, and after many requests from customers and friends, she decided to offer franchises for stores of this type starting in 1985. Today Children's Orchard is a leader in this booming multi-billion dollar field of business with stores being opened regularly and a multitude of satisfied and appreciative customers!


When the first Children's Orchard store opened, the idea of reselling still-useful merchandise was left to thrift shops run by charitable groups, pawnshops, private sellers or through yard and garage sales. A few dealers specialized in high-end gear (such as cameras and electronics) and offered used equipment (usually taken as trade-ins) at their stores. In fact, probably the only merchants who offered specialized resale merchandise were used car lots! Children, however, outgrow items well before they wear them out. When families were larger this was taken care of by "hand-me-downs". As smaller families became the norm, parents found themselves with many things which were still in good condition but no longer fit their children. These needed to be replaced. The field of children's resale was created once it became apparent that there was both a consistent supply of goods to be resold and an ongoing demand for replacements. Today it is estimated that this market niche does almost $200 billion in sales per year and is an ideal business opportunity.


Children's Orchard cannot provide specific figures due to the laws in various jurisdictions covering the offering of franchises for sale. Once you have met with Children's Orchard's executive staff and been given an approval code necessary to reach the due diligence stage, you will have an opportunity to speak with a number of knowledgeable and highly satisfied Children's Orchard franchisees. Keep in mind that the resale market, and particularly the children's resale market, has proven to be one of the most consistently successful areas of business in past years.


Children's Orchard is one of North America's fastest-growing and most profitable fields of business. This is an opportunity whereby one can provide a service for customers whether buying or selling merchandise. It'a all wrapped up in the Children's Orchard slogan.


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