Ceiltech® is the business where the ceiling is for cleaning and not a height barrier to your earning potential.

Ceiltech® is one of the best cleaning franchise investments on the market today. This unique, Dun and Bradstreet listed company offers franchisees unlimited potential for profitable growth.

The enterprising entrepreneur will discover that, in spite of substantial returns on your initial investment, there are no supplemental hidden costs and no franchise fees or royalty payments lurking in the wings.

In fact, after your initial investment, you’ll find that the actual start-up and overhead costs are comparatively low. Your equipment costs will be minimal for you’ll need little more than a vehicle, a telephone and funds for re-orders of supplies to get your business on the road to success.

The commercial cleaning industry now earns a substantial 12 to $15 billion per annum and has a projected growth rate of 8 to 10 %.annually. You will be ready to start earning dollars in this lucrative market from day one and will experience virtually no downtime when you start-up. Everything you need from chemicals and equipment to brochures and mailers will be supplied on the day your system arrives.

With Ceiltech’s® national advertising programs it is easy to generate leads and referrals. Add to this their toll-free sales and technical support combined with a complete and comprehensive training program and you’ll be confident in your abilities and enthusiastic about your future. Ceiltech® also provides on-going support in the form of continual research and development updates to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Ceiltech® offers the hardworking entrepreneur an enviable opportunity for success. If you remain dedicated to your dream of earning a good living and providing a service that is highly appreciated the sky is your limit.

Everywhere there is a building with acoustic tile there is a ready need for your services. Ceiltech® not only cleans ceilings but tackles those grimy walls too, broadening your earning-potential scope.

Ceiltech® clean buildings are brighter, healthier and more user-friendly. The ceiling’s lifespan is prolonged and the fire rating and acoustical value will continue unchanged.
The exclusive Ceiltech® solution is a biocide against bacteria, yeast, mould and fungi, meets the OSHA PEL standards and is approved for use in USDA regulated facilities.

If you are ready to apply yourself, work in off-hours to accommodate the
occupants of the buildings you service and co-ordinate and organize your time, you will be a success in this burgeoning, cleaning market.

As a recognized leader in the ceiling cleaning industry, Ceiltech® is poised to take on the challenge of cleaning and/or restoring the estimated 15 billion square feet of existing acoustical tile and the proposed one billion square feet of new tile installed each year.
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