Carvel is one of the best-loved and most recognized names in its industry and the leading manufacturer

of branded ice cream cakes and premium soft-serve ice cream in the U.S. Founded in 1934 when Tom Carvel borrowed $15 from his future wife, filled a vending truck with ice cream and drove into the American Dream, the Carvel brand now enjoys a 98% brand awareness and a 90% intent to repurchase in its existing markets. With its franchise headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Carvel reminds you that “Every Day is a Good Day for Ice Cream”.

Carvel specializes in uniquely shaped ice cream cakes including their signature Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss cakes, the Flying Saucer, Brown Bonnet, Banana Barge and Thick Shake. Carvel markets its famous cakes through over 6,300 supermarkets including Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Winn Dixie and Albertsons . There are now over 460 Carvel franchised and foodservice locations providing
delicious high-quality cakes, novelties, cups, cones, sundaes and shakes.

Carvel is no stranger to celebrity. It was the highlight of Kelly Ripa’s baby shower, launched Oprah’s talk show career, inspired a song by the Beastie Boys, was immortalized by David Letterman and graced the pages of the Guinness Book of World records, to name just a few starring roles.

Carvel is also ranked #79 by 2004 Entrepreneur magazine's “Franchise 500” (up from 122 in 2003) and is the 4th largest ice cream chain in the U.S.

With over 70 years in the business, Carvel is part of a $20.7 billion dollar industry that continues to grow as their niche, the scoop shop segment, narrows with big name competitors switching to "grill and chill" co-branding concepts. They believe in fresh products and high quality ingredients and make every product in each individual franchise every day.

Carvel believes in diversity and flexibility. From their franchise locations to their foodservice

outlets in stadiums, arenas, airports and turnpikes, they promote Carvel through multiple venue types.

To accomplish this they have assembled a team of experts in operations, marketing, design & construction whose number one goal is Carvel’s success. Since their purchase in 2001 by Roark Capital Group the company has signed more new franchise agreements than in the previous ten years combined.

Carvel’s commitment to franchisees includes pre-opening development support, comprehensive training, innovative marketing programs and ongoing field support. Carvel's Franchise Advisory Council ensures that each decision and program developed by Carvel has input and validation from the franchisees.

Vice President of Sales, Geoff Hill, says “Carvel is an

innovative leader in the large and growing ice cream industry. In addition we have a lower entry cost compared to other ice cream brands and provide a higher level of franchise support and expertise. To provide this top-notch support Carvel helps franchisees select, develop and open sites for their stores and guides them throughout the opening process. Once a store opens our dedicated franchise support team works closely with each store owner to provide them with constant support to help them run their operation smoothly and at maximum profitability.”

This icon of American culture, offering the most delicious and popular of comfort foods, is expanding. Founder Tom Carvel was a pioneer of today’s ice cream and franchise industry and his company is now considered the nation’s #1 industry retail ice cream franchise. Here is your chance to see what the celebrities have been raving about!

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