Who We Are and What We Do

The Business Alliance, Inc. tops the "who's who" list of business opportunity brokerages. The hundreds of high-quality properties we represent runs literally from A to Z and includes franchises, distributorships, dealerships and license opportunities. Our aggressive marketing policy ensures that all media sources are utilized including the internet, newspapers, direct mail, trade shows and networking venues. This provides optimum exposure for every business we represent to prospective purchasers.

The Business Alliance, Inc. is a one-stop brokerage which offers a cross-section of hundreds of full and part-time businesses opportunities for entrepreneurs hunting for that "perfect business match-up" in which to invest.

The Business Alliance, Inc. charges the purchaser no commission fees. These are the sole responsibility of the seller.

What We Can Offer You

Are you looking for a new and lucrative career?

Are you interested in matching prospective entrepreneurs with business opportunities which will enhance their life styles and fulfill their dreams of being independent and in control of their lives?

Are you ethical, dedicated and determined to succeed?

Are you ready to embark on the road to personal success?

If you answered yes to some, or all, of these questions then you should consider becoming a franchise consultant with The Business Alliance, Inc., a top-rated brokerage firm.

The Business Alliance, Inc. offers its brokers an elite comprehensive database of franchisers.

The Business Alliance, Inc. has created influential connections through its years of ethical dealings in quality properties. These are connections to which you will have immediate access.

The Business Alliance, Inc. has intimate knowledge of international business and market trends. Its reputation for canny consulting on business investing is legendary in the industry and will provide you with an instant and recognized credibility.

An investment of only $19,900 U.S. sets you immediately on the road to becoming a successful consultant with The Business Alliance, Inc.

The Business Alliance, Inc. does not cast you adrift when you are accepted as a Business Alliance, Inc. consultant. Rather, they train, certify and support you for the life of your business.

The Business Alliance Inc. is so certain that you will be satisfied with this opportunity that they offer a money-back guarantee if you discover that being a broker is not the answer to your dreams of independence in the business world.

Are you ready for the voyage of your life? Then, step aboard The Business Alliance, Inc. and enjoy a smooth sail to success.

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