In 610 AD a frugal Monk in Northern Italy fashions left-over pieces of dough into the shape of his student's arms folded in prayer. He bakes them to a golden brown and calls them "pretiolias" or "little rewards". Pretiolias become a staple on the monastery table.

In February, l988, Anne Beiler purchases a market stand in a Downingtown, Pennsylvania Farmer's Market and sells pretzels (the modern version of pretiolas) and lemonade. This business becomes the basis for a franchising and fundraising phenomenon.

In March, l989, the now successful Anne Beiler franchises "Saturday's Market" in Harrisburg, PA.

In November, 1989, the first regional mall location opens in Park City Centre, Lancaster, PA.

In December, 1990, Auntie Anne's boasts 50 stores in nine (9) states and by the end of 2003 Auntie Anne's has over 800 locations worldwide.

Auntie Anne's is a success story equal to Horatio Alger. Her ambition to "make the world a better tasting place®" is now being accomplished internationally.
Menu additions to her "little rewards" include specialty coffees, dips, Cookie Farm® baked goods, Cre-amo® Classic Cones ice creams and Dutch Treats frozen beverages. Some, or all of these, are available through her international franchise locations, her internet address (AuntieAnne'[email protected]) and in her new Auntie Anne's Café in Willow Street, PA.

Those "little rewards" have, over the years, became big rewards for Anne Beiler both monetarily and spiritually. She had originally opened her first commercial enterprise to finance her husband's dream of providing counseling and support services to families in the community.

Auntie Anne's supports the Family Resource & Counseling Centre, Inc. (FRCC) and in l999 became a proud contributor to the Children's Miracle Network which donates to over 100 affiliated hospitals.

Anne is quoted as saying "We give, to get, to give again," and she lives by those words. She also attributes her phenomenal success to the three P's being Purpose, Product and People. Working together she believes you will reap the fourth "P" in the form of Profits.

Anne Beiler had confidence in herself, her purpose, her people and her product. With the subsequent profits she has benefited many.

Auntie Anne's is positive proof that if you set a goal and stick to it, with only the good of mankind in mind, you can't do anything but profit.

If you love great food and want a franchise which makes profits based on the "love they neighbor as thyself " biblical admonition then Auntie Anne's is the franchise for you.

Auntie Anne's is actively seeking franchisees in the U.S. and almost 20 other countries around the world. Full training for you and your staff, ongoing field support, access to videos and other training tools and material plus many more valuable resources are just a few of the items in Auntie Anne's support system which will be yours as a franchisee.
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