Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic animals and plants for human consumption, is reputed to have a

3,500-year-old history in China and is thought to have been practiced for nearly as long in other parts of the world.

Yet, today, aquaculture is considered to be a new, experimental branch of animal husbandry which is fraught with unforeseen and sometimes controversial problems.

The controversy revolves around the use of "floating cage" farming with its built-in pollution problems. These inherent problems arise when feces and uneaten food fall through the cages to form a potentially toxic, bacteria-laden layer on the ocean floor. When this build-up is disturbed by storms or currents it is carried into the oceans and subsequently backs up into the cages where it contaminates both water and fish.

The Australian firm, Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd., has, however, designed a modular, tank-type of aquaculture which eliminates pollution and has minimal environmental impact. This tried and tested aquaculture concept results in top quality produce which can be size-controlled and is in high demand in international markets.

Aquaculture Systems' tank-based fish farms in Australia are leaders in this state-of-the-art type of aquaculture industry. Their integrated systems, arranged in award-winning, modular format, are available for use as a single tank (for hobby, research and education purposes) or as a full-scale commercial enterprise of multiple modules.

Owing to advances in recirculation technology, today's aquaculture does not require large tracts of land, water or money to get started. Farmers can start small and add tanks when they so choose. In this environmentally-friendly method of farming all waste is backwashed for irrigation and fertilization and no chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones are used in the procedure.

Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd., which utilizes small, isolated re-circulating tanks, allows the farmer complete control over the growing environment while eliminating predators and vulnerability to the caprices of the weather.

This enclosed, monitored environment allows Aquaculture Systems farms to supply premium (live or dead) fish to wholesalers, restaurants, exporters, private individuals and firms in all seasons.

The firm-fleshed stock is "finished" in salt water tanks for seven days to purge the stomach and improve both flavour and colour. A new, non-toxic "Freeze Treatment" has also been developed which improves the defrosting process of some fish.

Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd. has designed minimal maintenance equipment which is self-contained, inexpensive and easy to use.

After five years of perfecting this unique farming method, Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd. is now offering International franchise packages and no aquaculture or computer experience is necessary.

Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd. provides assistance in obtaining permits, site inspections, economic and market analysis, farm design, equipment supply and installation, a complete site specific business plan and management manual and back-up consultancy support.

Aquaculture is a natural progression in the process of providing protein-rich food to an ever-expanding, global population. Because it requires only one kg of grain to produce 1kg of fish, aquaculture is the most efficient form of protein production. In turn the Aquaculture Systems Pty Ltd. tank method is recognized as a highly efficient form of aquaculture farming.

Aquaculture Systems encourages you to plan today for a secure tomorrow for yourself and the world with a financially proven, ecologically viable franchise built on the common need to eat.

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