Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc.

For Anago Cleaning Systems Inc., Master Franchising has become a multi-million dollar per year

enterprise expanding faster than a mega-ton dust bunny. And, it is polishing off the competition in every Master Franchise-owned territory from Cleveland to California and Tampa to Chicago giving credence to the saying, "Be an Anago Master Franchisor and become a sweeping success. The cash flow is great in itself."

Why are Anago's Master Franchisees so successful?
It could be because they are backed by expert experience and state-of-the-art, technically sophisticated, computerized systems including the exclusive New Business Development System (NBDS™) and the Invoice Generating and Accounting System (IGAS™) which are constantly evolving to incorporate the newest developments in marketing, computer architecture, training methods, job scheduling and automated accounting and billing processes.

This phenomenal triumph could be based on the fact that the parent company provides each motivated Master Franchisor with training, site selection assistance, telemarketing, sales and operations training and intensive support during the start-up period.

Or, you could wager that it is the revenue that an Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. Master Franchisor vacuums up in monthly franchise fees from unit sales, the Royalty, Commission and Administration fees plus equipment leases, supply sales and more!

Would it surprise you to know that it is really based on the fact that these Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. men and women Master Franchisors are just having too much fun doing what they do? It shouldn't. They are providing a necessary service and enjoying life!

Omar Fernandez, the Horatio Alger poster boy for commercial cleaning, and his cousin Raul Gonzalez, along with partner Richard Wilcox, bought the Tampa area franchise which to date has 50 unit franchises. This cleaning dream team just opened an Orlando Master franchise in conjunction with new partner Veronica Shevlin.

"I've been in business since I was 18," Fernandez says. "I am living the American dream. My partners and I have reached financial independence and have built solid businesses that continue to grow."

Owning Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. Master Franchises has provided Jeff Schaffer, sole owner of a Master Franchise in Cleveland, and a partner in two more Anago Cleaning Systems Inc. Master franchises, in Columbus and San Diego, with the opportunity to give others the chance to own their own small businesses by purchasing franchise units within these areas.

The Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. system of ownership includes minimum down payments combined with customized financing, expert training and proven back up which removes the worry of starting a small business on one's own.

"We have 42 unit franchises in Cleveland and our goal is to have 55 by Feb.1st 2004," Schaffer says. "We are in the profit column with income of $95,000 a month and climbing."

Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc's "classified clout" is its unique ability to project jobs and revenues for any city with a population of 500,000 to 3,000,000.

"We have invested a great deal of time and effort to compile extensive databases of each city where we have, or plan to have, a Master Franchise," says Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. Chairman and CEO, David Povlitz.

Now is the time to jump on the Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. magic broom and join the international "clean up" bonanza as either a domestic and/or an international Master Franchisor.

According to Ted Hirst, Anago's President, "of the 85 target cities open for Master Franchises in the US, 27 have already been sold, and in the first quarter of '04 we plan to open in London, Paris, Hong Kong and parts of Asia."

"We have built a system that works, over and over," says Povlitz. "It's been fun to watch the company grow over the years and make so many people happy. We're a family who's looking to expand into a global family. This is really great."

Being an Anago Cleaning Systems, Inc. Master Franchise owner means that you never have to pick up a mop or pail or turn on a vacuum to "clean up". That is, unless you're looking for spare change in the couch at home.

So get with the program. Contact ANAGO FRANCHISING, INC. and clean up in your corner of the globe. Fill out the Express Request form below for valuable information which leads to a secure future for you, a Master in the commercial cleaning business that is sweeping, dusting and polishing its way to the top.

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