If you are looking to be part of a fast growing industry, then the staffing industry can be an excellent

choice for you. Many people enjoy the staffing industry because it is a people business: Fun, fast, and fascinating. The client and candidate involvement keeps you at the forefront of business trends in the marketplace.

Within the staffing industry is a growing trend for specialized services. In particular the urgent business need for Accounting and Finance talent. With the impending demographics divide between retiring baby boomers and the dearth of new talent entering the market, economists are predicting talent shortages throughout the remainder of the decade.

What sets AI apart from other companies is the unique combination of Our People and Our Approach. Our People drive the business relationships and Our Approach provides our People with a competitive advantage. Every aspect of our business model is designed to foster growth in these relationships

All the work is about connections - matching the right people with the right positions. The tools, training, operations processes, and proprietary software are all designed to support the successful connection between candidates and clients. As a Franchise Principal you will be hands on working both on the business and in the business. In return you'll enjoy the kind of personal satisfaction that comes from true involvement.

Since you are evaluating franchise opportunities, you already know the benefits of a proven business model. Established in 1986 and franchising since 1994, Accountants Inc. has an even balance of company and franchise offices. The unique combination assures you that we have a commitment to insuring our best practices and processes provide the best possible return. Our mission to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our employees, candidates and clients until it becomes a standard is taken seriously and we have introduced many firsts to the industry.

Additionally, as a subsidiary of Vedior, AI enjoys the support of the third largest publicly traded staffing firm in the world. In addition to stability, this global reach offers exposure to innovative ideas and experiences.

Once you decide to become a franchise principal is where the personal attention really distances AI from other opportunities. Each one of the departments at the National Field Support Office is there to help you launch and grow your business. During the discovery day you will get a chance to meet the players who will be instrumental to your success.

A quick look at some of the programs that will be instrumental to your success include:

  • an established brand with copyright and trademark protection
  • recruiting resources that attract the top talent in the market
  • award winning marketing materials
  • ongoing training and and professional development for you and your team
  • proprietary software for candidate management
  • payroll funding for all candidates working
  • automated invoicing
  • proven pricing strategies
  • credit and collections support

To receive a more detailed account of what this exciting opportunity has to offer please complete the Express Request Form below.

Thanks for your interest!

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