Do you genuinely care about the impact that a solid learning program has on children of all ages?

Are you interested in achieving a solid level of financial success while, at the same time, contributing to the academic achievement of future generations.

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, you should consider a financially rewarding career as an Academy for Mathematics and Science Tutoring franchisee.

This is a franchise that affords you the opportunity to utilize a proven tutoring system based on reliable operating procedures that have enriched the lives of Canadian students and franchisees for ten years.

By helping children become better students, informed thinkers and more self-confident people, you are giving something back to society while becoming a financial success.

You will do all of this in your own learning centre where you will put into practice the precepts learned during an in-depth, all-inclusive, two week-long training session held at our the head office for Academy for Mathematics and Science Tutoring. Your course will include the following.

  • Sessions on State-of-the-Art Marketing Skills.
  • How to Conduct Informative and Effective Parent and Student Interviews.
  • How to Develop Comprehensive Communication Skills.
  • The Art of Mastering and Implementing Administration Systems.
  • The Advantageous use of Advertising Techniques.
  • The Art of Conducting Fair Student Evaluations.
  • Practical Financial Management and Adroit Motivational Skills.
  • How to Hire and Train Competent Staff.

The Academy also Provides its Franchisees with the Following.

  • A Time-Tested and Sharply-Honed Operating Formula that has been utilized in 40 Successful Canadian Learning Centres.
  • The Support of the Academy’s Instantly Recognized Brand Name as Canada’s Math Tutoring Specialists.
  • An Internationally Recognized Math Tutoring System Developed over 25 years by Internationally Recognized Math Experts. This System Advances Student’s Math Abilities by up to 2 Grades in Six Months.
  • A System that “Teaches” with Tutors Facilitating and Guiding the Students through the Course.
  • An Award-Winning English Reading /Comprehension Program so Enjoyed by Students that Performance Increases by 2.5 Grade Levels in Only 25 Hours of Study.
  • A Business Whose Participant Numbers Increase Daily From Referrals by Satisfied Students and Parents.
  • Reasonable Operating Hours Which Free a Franchisee to Enjoy His/Her Life.
  • A Pitfall-Proof Operation Which Eliminates Hassles.
  • Professsional Support that is Only a Phone-Call Away for Solutions to any Problems or Answers to any Questions.
  • The Opportunity to be Your Own Boss and Secure Your Financial Future While Doing Something Worthwhile for Others.

To receive a more detailed account of what this exciting opportunity has to offer please complete the Express Request Form below.

Thanks for your interest!

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