The A All Animal Control Franchise was founded in 1995 by Mark E. Dotson as a better way of

solving conflicts between humans and wildlife humanely and responsibly and they have done so well they have been on Tom Martino’s authorized contractor list for 3 years!

Wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, woodpeckers, pigeons, starlings, snakes, bats, rabbits, foxes, rodents and more can get into the home or office and do serious structural damage as well as destroy electrical wiring, phone, cable and computer lines and security systems.

A All Animal Control responds with live animal removal and relocation and with their experienced team of technicians clients are assured of receiving a safe, effective and humane solution to their animal problem. Once the source of the problem has been resolved they provide light maintenance solutions to the home or building owner to prevent future occurrences and if an animal gets back into the property through their repairs they will remove the animal and repair the original damage for free!

A All animal Control has degreed wildlife biologists on staff with both classroom and field experience. Their overall treatment of wildlife exceeds industry standards and any animals that can legally be relocated are taken to appropriate sites.

The company is constantly on the lookout for landowners offering more relocation sites suitable for relocating raccoons, woodchucks, rabbits, opossums or squirrels in order to responsibly protect the future of our wildlife.

In cases where animals cannot be relocated because of State Law their euthanasia techniques are approved by the American Veterinary Association and are unique in the local industry. Such animals are properly euthanized and disposed of.

A All Animal Control targets the problem causing animals and place two cages at each property. Cages are easy to view and are set near the animal’s entry hole taking into account sun, shade, wind and other elements. Cages are covered against summer sun or winter cold and supplied with water bottles and can be monitored either by the homeowner or by A All Animal Control staff. Specialty cages are available for animals such as skunks to protect clients from getting sprayed and in cases where whole families are captured the family stays together so the mother can care for her young. Catches are picked up seven days a week.

The service provides:

  • Inspection of vacant properties prior to moving in
  • Monthly inspection of vacant homes to detect animal entry
  • Minor carpentry, soffit, and fascia repairs
  • Animal and bird nest removal from dryer, bath, stove vents and chimneys
  • Video inspection of chimneys and duct work interiors
  • Custom attic vent screening
  • Custom and standard size chimney and vent caps designed and installed
  • Custom dryer vent covers installed to prevent bird and squirrel entry
  • Flashing of roof lines to prevent squirrel and raccoon entry

They carry a minimum of $500,000 general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation and comply with all local, State and Federal regulations.

Inspections are done from the ground, on the roof and in the attic. This ensures the most through inspection possible to determine entry points, damage and potential problem areas such as visible wiring damage. Most of the time they can repair the damaged areas but if not they will be happy to recommend a contractor who can.

A All Animal Control is looking for franchisees who have common sense in abundance, possess discipline, integrity, honesty, some knowledge of wildlife and the skills to do small home repairs. Their work is fascinating and they are passionate about the service they perform. They provide a very valuable service to the community and are well respected by those they serve. So if you have a passion for wildlife, some handyman skills and would enjoy serving the community in this way please get in touch!

To receive a more detailed account of what this exciting opportunity has to offer please complete the Express Request Form below.

Thanks for your interest!

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